2015 promises to be the year of GREAT DISCOVERY!

Instead of saying discovery, I could use the word “change”; however, because that is the term that is most often used by deceptive politicians during their presidential campaigns, I’d rather use a term that is not “tainted by the mouths” of such individuals who gained power by merely talking about “change.”

In 2014, I wrote several very well received articles that according to some made outlandish claims that were not backed up by any conclusive data or any real proof.

And yet, I personally believe that these articles were overall, a grand success! In other words, in my estimation they did their job:

A new “viewpoint” that was sorely lacking was introduced into the ongoing discussion of world events — and from my frame of reference, I believe that this HAD to be done!

The information that I gave was highly condensed, compacted, and given in such a way as to deliver a massive punch into the current paradigm of thinking! It contained all of the relevant data, but there was very little time to “unpack” all of it and to look deeper at it, since I felt the need to have it out there was crucial.

In this year of 2015, I will be “unpacking” the information that I gave in the last part of 2014, step by step, inch by inch, and showing how it all connects together. Admittedly, for the new people, or the “uninitiated”, these articles, may have been just a little overwhelming and perhaps too compact to get a grip on.


I have considered carefully my next step, and feel before moving forward it is important to make certain that what I’ve written is clearly understood by everyone!

It is important to me that all of you with interest in this new and expanded point of view are with me, and that we all start together from the same place and are on the same page!

Since “language” is our most important tool of communication, it is extremely important to understand that it is not only deeply flawed, but that it has been both “hi-jacked” and installed as a means of our SLAVERY! Unfortunately, our “words” do NOT mean what we think they mean.

As an intelligent reader, I ask you to at least try put aside your assumptions, and presumptions about the way things work in this world, so that I can effectively communicate with you and convey to you much of what I have learned.

Thus, we must erase the entire chalkboard and the entire mindset of human ideas behind reality!

NOTHING – NOTHING – NOTHING is as it seems.

Perhaps I should warn you now.

This is NOT a beginner’s course! It is not for those who do not wish to really “get it” on a far deeper level, since it means there will be a huge amount of DISCOVERY! It means we must be willing to put away toys, and Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny, and be OKAY with the idea that those things are no longer necessary.

So for some of you, I am sorry to say that these ideas may NOT be comfortable, happy, or even understandable. The year 2014 was the “introduction” to the course – so it was merely for beginners.

2015 will be the Intermediate Course for those who want to continue! I am currently working on a brand new article called: THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER that is an expose, and I hope it will really kick off the New Year well.


I should have it done within a week or so, but for now I wish to take one more look at our language and how it is designed to deceive us. It is paramount that as an “intermediate student” you “get” that language is a contrived and constructed barrier, put into place by other forces and beings who HAVE AN AGENDA!

What follows below is not meant to be “flip” or insulting, so please don’t get that idea; it is ONLY offered to invite you to think differently.

Time to put away the notion there are NO UGLY FORCES out there! Time to put away the notion that everyone is really “good” on the inside and that pure evil does not exist.

Because I speak the English language, I have chosen to focus all of my efforts on the English Language, but this does not mean that every other language is not corrupted and compromised as well.


It is just that ENGLISH (in my opinion) is the most corrupt and the most compromised version of “language” we have in the world today. Because it was intended to be the language of the NEW WORLD ORDER, it, therefore, was constructed to be the most “enslaving” language there is.

Our English language, and thus the words we continue to speak each and every day, are in fact Magic Spells! Whether you think so or not, or like it or not, our words, or “whirr’ds” are meant to enslave us!

This was done to us intentionally by “FORCES” living in places hidden from us (behind the scenes), and existing in places that we were never meant to know about. And…, whether we like it or not, these beings that live behind the scenes of our “controlled and fake” reality have this ability!

Most advanced races use telepathy to communicate – NOT WORDS! Language as I’ve written before, is the “mark” of an enslaved race! I’ve said before that advanced races “communicate” using pictures and images, or “thought packages” that hold: ideas, feelings, humor, sensitivity, love, empathy and urgency! The use of words can hardly transmit all of that data and be as well understood as telepathy can be!

So now, because this is the “Intermediate Course”, and in case you don’t yet know it, I am now going to come out and just say it: EARTH HUMANS are an enslaved race!

We are controlled, manipulated, bought and sold, and eaten, by other beings and races. I’m sorry to be so frank and blunt here, and it is not my intention to be the bearer of “bad news”, but Santa Claus is a kid’s story, as is the “former” version of reality that we have been spoon fed by those we trusted!

Let me repeat what I wrote in an earlier version of WORD MAGIC that points out the flaws and tricks hidden in our language that makes this perfectly clear!

We all live on a “whirl’d” (World).

To “whirl” – is to spin round and round and round in only one place – like a top that is going nowhere. Words are really “whirr’ds” because they and their “meanings” are also “spun” to suit those who know how to use them! (With me so far?)

These words are turned round and round and round like a top going nowhere. Do you need some more proof of what I say? Let’s take a few examples of the non sense of words!

1) In the days of Babylon — The human language was confused.

Now Hoo/WHO is seemingly winning the “daze” of babble – on!

(Hoo – being Moloch the Owl)

2) For it was there, that the human language was confused —- (Hue-man is the man with the “golden” Hue around him)

3) To be “con” fused – is to be “negatively” fused – where the “fuse” regulates all of the electrical “current” or the “currency” of the Hue-man towards the negative polarity!

After reading this, are you less confused?

4) Others have done this to us, so that all of your “days” could be turned into nothing more than a “daze” – and that all of your “minds” would then be in a permanent “haze”.

Is it all getting clearer now? Or do you need to hear even more?

5) Your “mind” is actually being “mined” – so that all of your words – and thus your “thoughts” and finally your “actions” can create negative polarity so that the entire world can become “con” fused.

6) Now listen very carefully here. When your “thoughts” and thus all of your “actions” are thusly “con” fused and therefore negatively cre-ate…, those same negative (currents) then get “ate”.

Truthfully, those who gave us our languages must want us to negatively create!

7) To those who put us here – our thoughts and our actions are nothing more than food – if they are dark. And, what is the dark – except the letter D with an “ark” of electrical current now flooding through your “con” fused mined (mind).

8) This is why “they” who are hiding behind the scenes, let you babble on – and babble on! WE are always allowed to babble on – in “All – Ways” as long as the whirr’ds we use – are the ones that they gave.

Now, is this any more clear? Or do you still need to hear more?

9) YOU – YOU – EWE! “You” are a “ewe” which is a female sheep, which is why all of you (ewe) are known as the sheeple!

10) To whom am I referring here you may ask? I’m referring to EWE!

11) Sadly, words that we use have been designed to enslave each and every one of EWE!
So then, nothing here is as it seems – Our words do not mean what we think they mean! Now, is it getting clearer? Do you still need to hear even more?

12) Dear one, Dear one, —- Deer WON! Deer WON!

13) Dear One – They claim that the “Deer” has won! Because the horned one has always been there with “EWE” (in your “mined”) with and through each and every “whirr’d” that ever entered and exited there.

Why? – Because they “put” those thoughts there! They gave you the thoughts to think – by teaching you what – and how to think!

14) Those with the horns and the antlers are the victors – not “ewe” the sheep – Unless “ewe” finally “real – eyes” that the very “whirr’ds” and thoughts we are using to express ourselves are magnetic, and thus STOP cre-ating food for “them” – and stop cre-ating the “D” ark current that is flowing through your “mined” by thinking negatively polarized thoughts.

15) Stop the spin of your whirr’ds as well – because they are there to enslave EWE!

Okay, so what do I mean by all of this? Can you even tell? Are things getting clearer now? Or, are you even more “con” fused which simply means negatively fused?

Perhaps, you just need to do a giant “re-lease” – where you “re-new” the lease – on all of your former problems by doing a “re-lease” – so they can all come back to you when you re “lease” them?

Here is a hint that will help you understand! – Enlightened Beings always “think” in pictures and in images – never in words. When humans started to think in words, by using only the words that were given to them – they “lost their mind” and became insane, because whirr’ds have no real meaning at all! They are only constructed cymbals (symbols) – that make loud noises into the ether and then disrupt the magnetic flow of everything around them with their noise.

15b) For instance: Every contestant for Miss America always asks for “whirled peas” (world peace) ——- which is actually funny to me – since I ask myself why she is asking for whirl’d peas?

The sounds seem the same as you speak them, but the “spelling” is always different – can that be an accident? If the sounds of the whirr’ds are the same, how do you KNOW that the words I’ve used actually “mean” what you think they mean?

Perhaps, I meant something else?

Can you see that a “spoken” language can be twisted and turned in an INFINITE amount of ways to suit those who know how to twist it?

Welcome to the world of the COURTS, and of EARTHLY LAW, and LEGALESE – where NOTHING means what you think it means!

16) Harmony just means “harm-any” – so the more “harm – any” that people on Earth ask for – the more “harm” those who gave us those words can do to us!

Why? Because the “spelling” is the “spell” they put over us all!

Because the “spoken sound” is nothing more than a WHIRR’D. NOW – is it becoming clearer? Are you learning anything yet?

“They” take our words, and mix the meanings up to suit “them” (in their courts and with their judges) so that no matter what we speak with the whirr’ds they gave us – or what we ask for – “they” can change the meanings to what “they” want – and not what “we” want!

“Their” motto is this: WE ALWAYS WIN – YOU ALWAYS LOSE!

Can you honestly, after looking out into the world, argue with this?

Why is this happening?

They own the words we are using. Cosmic Law says that you can do what ever you want with your own creation. Since our language belongs to them, they can change it and do whatever they want to it!

Now do you still think “WE” are not enslaved?

Are we learning anything yet?

17) Just speak it forth, and it shall be so – but what whirr’ds are you speaking? Do you even know?

18) As I’ve talked about before, “Those” who gave us our language are the very “Dark Magicians” of which I told – and they come from another World entirely. Their tower of babble is still in full operation even today.

19) The Tower of Babylon is a “tow” er – because anything that can be used to tow something (like a rope or a chain) is known as a “tow” er.

20) So the “Tow” – er of Babylon, is nothing more than the “chain” of “babble on”.

With each and every word we speak – we are “chained” more and more and more to the d – ark current flowing from our mined – because no matter what words we speak – they do not mean what we think they mean – and if “they choose to do so” they will simply assume our words mean something else anyway.

How would we even know? The d – ark current that is the result of our words, is the current or currency of (Satan) and is being managed by those who worship in his temple.

The temple of Satan – is the temple of lies – it is the Temple of every “World Banker” on this “planet”, which is nothing more than a “planned net” to catch and enslave the people. Now are you totally “current”? Or, should I continue to babble on?

21) Who is it that controls your currency if not the bankers? Just like the “banks” on the sides of a river or stream are there to control it’s flow, the flow of the currency must be also be controlled so that it always goes to where it is supposed to go. But Who controls the Bankers? Just one guess!

22) So – if you think that you are living a good life – then remember that it is nothing but a “lie-f” that “ewe” are “levin” – where levin is actually lightning – and lightning is a type of electrical current that can be harnessed and used to power things.

23) Finally – Please understand that it is a very “mean” thing to do when giving people nothing more than words to communicate with!

Because it is a very mean thing to do, each and every word comes with it’s own “mean” – ing.
And – what really is the meaning of these words? It depends upon how mean you want them to be! The more “mean” you want them to be – the harsher the “mean-ing” of the word.

Nothing you will ever see here in this “whirl’d” is true reality, because it is being “DESIGNED” by others.
You will not truly understand this until you open your real-eyes and realize that we are all living inside of a Magnetic Hologram – created by some very dark magicians – a designed reality that is meant to suck our life force from us just like juice from a battery!!

Finally, there are still those who tell me empathically that they are NOT under mind control —


All my love!

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