By: Bradley Loves

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I have said this before, but it needs repeating.  English was specifically designed to be the Language of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

It was meant to be the language of the One World Government, the One World Religion, and the One World Army!  Those “Fallen Angels” or Demon “gods” (small “g”) who originally messed with our DNA (a long time ago) disconnected the entire human species from their higher awareness/consciousness.

Therefore…, our entire species, which normally at one time used telepathy for all communications, where then stuck with using only words to communicate with.



It was designed this way because “words” are really only symbols…, and can be given multiple meanings and multiple ideas that go along with them.  This is a huge problem, because in ancient science each sound creates only ONE SINGLE SHAPE.

I have also said that “TRUTH” is always single – not many.  What I mean by this can be seen very readily in the example written above.  Each sound creates a single shape – not many shapes!  

One shape per sound!

In the English Language, words can be “interpreted” in dozens of ways which basically renders the entire process of trying to find out what some symbol or “phase” means with clarity – almost impossible.



You make it impossible for the species you are conquering or enslaving to communicate with each other effectively! You also make it impossible to really “know” what the rules are within the system you give them to live by…, who is making those rules, and what they really mean.

So…, let’s once again revisit what a WORD really is!

A word, is actually a whirr’d…, because it can be spun like a top.


To whirr…, is to spin round and round and round, and anything that spins for a significant period of time has been “whirr’d”.

You see…, word and whirr’d sound exactly the same to your ears don’t they?

If you hear them spoken out loud…, you will not know which “spelling”  is actually being used, and are thusly confused!

Since you do not know which “spelling” for any particular word that you “hear” has been used…, you may then not know the actual meaning of the word/whirr’d that you have heard…, and thus you are now UNDER A “SPELL”.

The “spell” that you are under…, is the “spell” that was cast the very moment you heard the word/whirr’d in your ears…, but due to multiple meanings – were UNCLEAR as to the meaning that it had.



Because you can only really go on what you have physically heard…, then you are now part of the HERD.

The “herd” is the dumbed down portion of humanity which has been genetically altered by FALLEN ANGELS and DEMONS who are posing as “gods”.

They “gave us” language…, and at this time in history “they” are giving us the FINAL version of language which is the ENGLISH LANGUAGE…., the language of TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT.

This language was created to mock us in every way possible.


To those who gave us language to use – we are nothing better than CATTLE…, and so were are simply called: THE HERD

Those elites…, who watch over the “herd” are the cattle herders…, or very literally are the COW-HERDS.

They are cow-herds..., because they are the biggest cowards.


As you can see, the “enslavers” even MOCK their own minions!


A coward is someone who has no courage!

Courage is really:  COUP-RAGE.

Those living people who have plenty of “rage” over being treated like mere cattle are very likely to start or stage some kind of “coup”!

So they are said to have coup-rage.

  • Those who have plenty of “coup-rage”…, could never be trusted to watch over the herd for the enslavers!

Therefore only those who do not have “coup-rage”…, (courage) are allowed to watch over the human herd.   Those without “coup-rage”…, and are able to watch over the human herd are thus called: Cow-herds…, (cowards).

It is EASY to see who the “cow-herds” living on Earth really are:

THEY are anyone within the Police, the Government, and the Military who are willing to work for and with the LUCIFERIAN/SATANISTS!


Police comes from the world “Policy”.

Government comes from “Govern” which means to control or steer – and “ment” or “mentis” which means MIND.

NOW, after reading and hearing all of this:

  • Are you starting to “see” what I am telling you?
  • Is it now becoming clear to you that words are really whirr’ds because they are spun?
  • And where pray tell do they tell us that we live?

We are told that the thing we live on is called a world, which sounds very much like:  Whirr’ld

We are told that the world is a giant ball in the sky, and that it spins like a top!

It spins just like a toy that has been “whirrl’d” so that it can turn continuously…, and so therefore it is called a “world”.

And, so we are taught that we live on a world…, but is it really a world, or a “whirl’d”?

What is it really if we do NOT know clearly the definition of the word/whirr’d that we use to describe it??

Who actually gave us these words again?    And who really sorts out which words mean what, and who can use them and where??

It is the “courts”.

But many things can be done in or on a court!

A court can be an open area surrounded by buildings.., or it can be an enclosed building with a glass ceiling.

It can be a place were “games” are played…, or it can be some place where legal issues are heard.

But which “court” are you in?

If you go to “court”…, do you know which “court” you are in??

Well…, that court changes the very moment you tell them your NAME!

You see…, the “court” is many things depending on WHO YOU ARE!

So the question really is this:



This is the very first question you are asked when you enter a “court”.

The answer that you give, will determine which “court” you are standing in.

If they ask you if you are JOHN DOE…, which sounds an awful lot like:  John doe, then you are in deep trouble because YOU DID NOT ASK which “john doe” they were refering to.

  • Pardon me please.., but is it JOHN DOE (All caps) …, or is it…,  john doe (lower case) that you want?

Here is a “Maxim of Law” (something you’ve probably never heard of…, because you are part of the herd)


  1.  Things that appear or seem the same…, ARE NOT THE SAME.

Have you ever heard this before?

Well every single “judge” who sits on the “bench” goes by this MAXIM OF LAW…, every single day of their lives.  They KNOW IT.., because they are one of the Cow-herds!  And so they are told that this maxim exists.  They know…, but YOU do not know.

JOHN DOE…., john doe….

Things that appear to be, and seem to be the same…, are NOT THE SAME!

(Maxim of Law)

Depending upon the “SPELLING” (that ol’ magic spell-ing) is what will magically changes one “court” into another kind of “court” in the blink of an eye.

Why…, because only the “eye” can really see.   And you are the “I”.



What pray tell do you call yourself?     

You call yourself “I”…, so if you say “I” when referring  to yourself…, then that must mean that you can see…, because only an eye/I.., can see!

But those who can NOT SEE…, must not have the eye/I…, and thus they are blind!

They are not “eye’s/I’s” at all…, but instead they become “things” in the definition of the court – which can NOT see…, and so need to be cared for.

Any human being who needs to be “cared for” quickly becomes part of the HUMAN HERD.  

  • They become livestock or a head of cattle!
  • They are a thing because they have no I/eye with which to see.

They are befuddled by the whirr’ds around them…, and do not KNOW what these whirrd’s mean.  This is how their enslavement starts!

And because they do not know what these words mean – they become “lost at sea/lost at see”!

They are LOST AT SEA…, because they are LOST AT SEE


By not understanding the meanings of words – they can not truly SEE ANYTHING…, because they have no eye/I with which to SEE.

Once you become LOST AT SEA…, then you must be taken care of by THE LAW OF THE SEA!

The LAW OF THE SEA is the LAW OF THE SEE…, or the LAW OF THE HOLY SEE…, which is the Vatican.

  • The Vatican is engaged in the business (for profit) of Salvage!
  • They salvage anything that is LOST AT SEA…, and claim it as their own property.
  • Once they claim it as their own property…, that “thing” that can not see…, has been given SALVATION.

Or has it simply been Salvaged?

  • They do this on paper…, and through the “courts”.
  • It happens by MAGIC.
  • It happens in the “wink of an eye”…, in only seconds…, when you come to the “court”.

Depending upon what you say “in the court”…, will determine “which court” magically appears in front of you.

It will either be a building with a glass ceiling that you can look through…, OR…, it will become a place where LEGAL definations are applied.

So…, are you JOHN DOE..., or are you:   john doe?

It’s all about whirr’ds you are forced – YES FORCED to use – and how they are SPUN.

And now you know that you can NEVER, EVER trust words…, because every single one of them has a “spelling” attached to it…, and if you do not know the clear meaning of the whirr’d…, you can never understand it.

As one foul wizard once said…



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