By: Bradley


I’ve informed my readers many times of the battle I do with AI in trying to write on my own blog!   The insidious nature of the AI that forces mistakes and errors in spelling each time I hit the Publish Button.

But NOW…, I am going back and reading past posts and articles and finding that those posts have INCREASED errors in grammer and spelling as well!

Now…, this could ONLY happen if some rogue AI – or rogue group had my “log in” and “password” and was deliberately going into my writing platform and EDITING (CHANGING) my past posts!

Now you may ask…, why this would be happening to a guy like me??

It doesn’t make sense…, but does it?

It would not make sense UNLESS I had stated publicly that some of what I write is in CODE!


So, true to it’s nature of being part of the SATANIC ELITE…, this rogue AI (or group) has hacked into my blog and is now in the process of adding words, changing spellings, and messing with my past posts!

All in an attempt to do what???    Mess with the CODE perhaps??


Nuff said!


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