At this point, if you are still trusting anyone in this world and putting them, their thoughts, their ideas and their opinions above the GOD the Great Creator, then you are giving in to blindness and you will be misled.

Only GOD has the correct answers that will allow you to pass this FINAL TEST.

And just in case you are wondering what test I am talking about then listen up!  

COVID 19 – and everything that you see happening around you on the Global Stage – along with all of the impact that it is having upon you, your family, your job, your bank balance, and the rest of the people that you work for and work with you – IS THE FINAL TEST.

The questions on this FINAL TEST are basic and simple:

  • How much have you LEARNED during the course of your life about CARING FOR OTHERS?
  • Is money or your job MORE important than LIFE itself?
  • Is getting a paycheck more important than being totally honest and looking out for the welfare of others so they can avoid serious harm?
  • Is it better to accept bribes and payments that dictate that you should either keep silent, or worse lie to and deceive others in order to keep your job – even IF other people are being harmed and deceived by your actions and your silence?
  • Is it better to say nothing when you know that saying something could save thousands or even millions of lives?
  • Are you willing to look away from atrocities and evil being perpetrated right within your own group or company just to save yourself, your home, or your car – but in so doing are willing to allow many others to be injured and die?
  • Are you willing to enforce unlawful and illegal mandates just to save yourself – without any concern for how it affects others?
  • Are you willing to stand for freedom and justice or are your “personal things” and “personal matters” more important to you.


You do realize that this test is – PASS/FAIL don’t you –  meaning there is no A, B, C, or D grading.  You either pass or you don’t.

The Satanic Side of the coin here on Earth has blinded you to your potential key to passing this very difficult test over many decades of programming.  They wanted you focused on the MAGIC SHOW they were creating out there in the world – which was a carnival show of lies and deceit.

They did not want you focused on GOD – because to “tune in” to GOD was to be given a “cheat sheet” for the big exam – since GOD would most certainly want you to have every single answer for the test – thus making sure that you passed it.

The Satanists did not want you passing this final test. 

They failed it long ago through their endless greed and debauchery, and they will NOT be moving on because they have deliberately harmed so many people in the course of their insane lives.  The last thing they want to see is you – the people they HATE the most – passing the final test and leaving them behind.

So their final stab at GOD is to get you to follow them into oblivion. In other words, they want you FAILING this test as well, and failing it just as bad, or worse than they did.  So they have set you up with what seems like impossible decisions to make just to make sure you FAIL.

Covid 19 – with all the associated lock downs, the forced mandates, the vaccine passports, and the unlawful and illegal ENFORCEMENT of these many lies/cons was their way of very literally DRAGGING YOU into hell with them.

Because whosoever does go along with this – and does TAKE THE MONEY to just keep silent and keep quiet – then that one is no better than them!  They have initiated this GREAT CON/LIE, in order to force everyone to have to choose between good and evil in order to keep their job, pay their bills, and not get fired.

They made you choose thinking and hoping that you would choose UNWISELY and FAIL this test.

Because so many people (in order to keep their jobs) have willingly continued with the lie, THEY are aiding and abetting in the scheme! 

They may not be robbing the bank – but they are the “get away car” driver – and that means that they are complicit and an accessory to the crime of the Satanists.


Don’t you dare say this FINAL TEST is far too difficult to pass, or it is too difficult to do the right thing! 

Who says that a FINAL TEST is ever easy?  Of course it’s hard!  You all came to the Earth and lived on it for many, many years.  Everyone has had plenty of time to learn RIGHT from WRONG, and furthermore plenty of time to pray in order to get close enough to GOD to get the answers for this test.

And now the TIME to take the test is here!  The School Year is OVER and no one is allowed to get more time to study and learn.

How you do on this test will determine where you as a SOUL go from here.

So “CHOOSE” your answers wisely…

All  my love…


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