By: Bradley Loves


Donald Trump says that the News Media is the enemy of the people!

Regardless of his policies…, and what ever you may think about him as a person…, in this one case, he is telling us the TRUTH!

No one in the world can LIE daily to the people around them…, and then “astonishingly” make the absurd claim that they CARE about them.

Encountering deception is the first and foremost way for people to DISCERN that the person you are talking to does NOT care anything about you!

By withholding vital information…., or withholding information that would most certainly change your daily actions and activities…, you can rest assured that who ever is doing so cares NOTHING about you at all.

This is by definition “TERRORISTIC DECEPTION” or terrorist activity!

Those who would do such things are basically declaring WAR upon you as a being.

That you are NOT aware you are being lied to…, does not diminish the “violence” or the “sickness” of the crime!

It has been PROVEN over and over again that most News Anchors in the USA and around the world are in fact LYING!

They are lying each and every day…, looking directly into a camera and KNOWING those lies are being broadcast out to other human beings.

This makes them YOUR enemy!

Who so ever chooses to use daily deception, and would take “money” or dollars to tell lies is most certainly NOT your friend…, and in the most certain terms YOUR MORTAL ENEMY.

Almost everyone bases their daily decisions and activities upon the News…, and what they perceive is happening around them.

If that information is deceitful or faulty…, then all of your decisions will be faulty or erroneous as well…., perhaps even deadly!

The way they get around this deception as an out and out punishable CRIME…, is to label News Programs as nothing more than ENTERTAINMENT!

NEWS and ENTERTAINMENT is what they “legally” call their programs so that human beings in mass can not sue them into the Stone Age…, or incarcerate those who are responsible.

Entertainment does NOT have to be truthful…, and anyone who is dumb enough to watch networks like CNN…, etc…., are supposed to somehow realize that what they are watching is “made up”…,  “fiction” or as Donald Trump calls it:


Donald Trump is trying to tell the world NOT to trust the Media!

He has a very good reason for doing so!   He is NOT WRONG in this regard!



The media personalities are very aware of what they are doing!!  Those who “appear” on the television and “reading” the “Nightly News” KNOW that they are supposed to “withhold” information…, and/or “steer” the conversation according to an agenda!

Any way you look at it…, this is an act of deception!

And any way you look at it…, THIS VERY FACT…, makes these news and media people your mortal enemy!!

This is a quiet declaration of WAR against YOU!

To lie to someone constantly is really no different from walking into their house and STEALING from them.   And it is also no different from committing ASSAULT…, or bodily harm to you.


The News Anchors know this…, which is why their hope is that you will NEVER find out what they are doing.

No human being really feels comfortable telling lies to others…,  especially when the human being they are lying to knows he is being lied to.

The “News Anchors” (as we speak) are buying homes in New Zealand…, and other far away countries…, knowing that someday…, they may have to make a quick getaway from the “people” whom they have deceived for years.

Why New Zealandars would want to have tens of thousands of pathological liars suddenly living with them as neighbors is beyond my understanding.

Where I grew up…, men (or women) who lied on a regular basis were seen as human TRASH…, and treated with disdain and disregard.

This is the way things should be (in my opinion)!

There is really only one reason for this position I’ve taken:


There is NEVER a time, reason or purpose that constant deception would be needed…, UNLESS…, it was the “intention” of the LIARS to ENSLAVE the rest of the people around them.

Once again…, this would make them your MORTAL ENEMY!

Anyone who wishes to see you enslaved…, has declared WAR ON YOU!

Even if it is only enslaving your MIND…, your mind is a part of YOU…, and you are under ATTACK!

When Donald Trump tells you that the MEDIA is your enemy…, YOU SHOULD LISTEN…, because THAT is the TRUTH!


All my love…..

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