By: Bradley Loves

I found this on the “REMOVING THE SHACKLES BLOG” which is Dani McKenny’s site.  She is now living in Australia and back into giving us some great information!

The United States Congress has just passed a “RESOLUTION” claiming that  “MAGIC”  (I am not making this up) …is a “rare” and “valuable” art form!

See this .pdf

Now, after all of the articles and posts that I personally have put up over the past two years talking about both  ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE and DARK MAGICIANS…, it seems as if the US Congress is scrambling to “head off at the pass”…, any and all possible rules, laws, or BLOW-BACK from the soon to be common knowledge that certain forms of DARK MAGIC was used on the entirety of HUMANITY without their knowledge or consent!


Thus they have “pre-emptively” passed a “protection” rule around ALL MAGIC as a RARE ART-FORM and a NATIONAL TREASURE!

Don’t be fooled by the addition of names like “David Copperfield” into the resolution.

Can you even get a more “official” protection clause added to something that is most definitely one of the BIGGEST TOOLS of both DARK MAGICIANS and SATANISTS?

I don’t know if you can!

National Treasure?   Wow!  So what does that mean?  Could it be that just like all of the buildings and artifacts that are listed on the National Treasure list within the USA…, “MAGIC” is now also a totally and completely PROTECTED “tangible” artifact?

Or, could it be that what they are really saying that the USE OF MAGIC…, must be protected at all costs?

Here is a link to Dani’s site where she talks about this in a video:

Here is the video on Youtube:






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