Never in my wildest dreams or imagination – could I ever have imagined the utter chaos and stupidity that is taking place here in America (and around the world) as we speak.

When the PRIME CREATOR came to me, and asked me to be a  “volunteer” – (one of his special ambassadors) – and to willingly go on a mission to the Earth, I was told that I would be involved with helping to expose the “bad guys” – and that I would be involved with helping to deliver all of the innocent ones from pure evil. 

I gladly volunteered thinking that the men and women on Earth – ACTUALLY WANTED TO BE FREE.

I was told that we would have plenty of back up and plenty of help with our tasks from the people already on the Earth – and that in the end – the bad guys would be forced to back off and surrender.

However, NEVER in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned the utter entrenchment that countless millions and millions of human beings are still trapped in – and who actually willingly are participating with the darkness while helping to create – THEIR OWN ENSLAVEMENT.

STUPID – does not even qualify as a proper descriptive here.  There is no word – either here on Earth, or there in Heaven that will describe this situation properly.  I dare you to find a word that can properly describe what we are seeing taking place here.

More than this utter stupidity –  the sheer chaos that is being created all around us as those who are the most malevolent beings in the universe do their best to “encourage” the absolutely stupid and the mind controlled public living among us to come over to their side and to “protect them” and “aid them” – as the very powerful forces of light continue to surround them and to demand their surrender – is utterly mind boggling.

Here is a Bill-Board somewhere near Phoenix Arizona telling you openly and plainly EXACTLY what I have said and written about on this very blog – namely that “Abortion” is a Satanic Blood and Killing Ritual.

This Bill Board was put up and paid for (as you can plainly see) by the Satanic Temple.  Now, if you have read any of my blog at all, you will have come to understand the nature of the MAGIC SPELLS that are being cast with the use of Ritual Killing – and what these people are all about.

For those of us who “volunteered” to help – pulling humanity out of the muck and the mire has devolved into a task that is similar to pulling a camel (that does not want to be saved) out of mud and quick sand!

(We should NOT have to work this hard)


For example – the audit that is also on-going in the state of Arizona is just a small blip on the radar of the total mindless corruption that occurred in the latter part of 2020 in order to give aid and material support to a final last gasp for the Satanists and the Globalists at achieving their NEW WORLD ORDER.

However, in order to achieve this last gasp at the NEW WORLD ORDER – an entire world wide “FAKE” pandemic had to be created, and then perpetrated upon the entire planet – (yes you heard that correctly, the whole planet) – just to give material aid to the stealing of a single election – here in America. 

How bizarre is that?

And beyond all manner of logic and comprehension to those who are watching there in Heaven – Humanity went along with it!  Millions and millions of people who are living here in America (and living in the rest of the world) played along with the sick plot – and HELPED THEM – by giving aid, support, financial resources and help, in countless other ways.

  • Doctors and Nurses – for money, followed unlawful orders to do things that THEY KNEW all along they were not supposed to do. 
  • Workers at Pharmaceutical Companies worked hard to create “fake” vaccines.
  • County Coroners faked death certificates to pump up the fake numbers, and listed every single death as  caused by Covid-19 – even if someone fell and broke their neck.
  • Local News Media participated in the GREAT CON by only broadcasting information supporting the fake pandemic and by hiding and stifling any debate or arguments to the contrary.
  • Big Tech Media (Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Google – Instagram and others – Censored and BANNED anyone who posted TRUTH that went against their narrative.
  • Workers at Nursing homes aided and abetted in making sure that old people actually GOT the sickness
  • Politicians screamed about needing people to STAY HOME – just so mail in ballots – which could be easily faked – were created by the millions and millions.
  • County Elections Officials and workers helped to fill in fake ballots, and helped to HIDE the fraud by lying to friends and family about what was going on. Trucks filled with fake ballots were delivered in the middle of the night under cover of darkness to many counties. The media argued for more time – days and days after the election to count all of the fake ballots – against state laws.
  • Governors, Attorney Generals, Mayors, Judges and Lawyers gave material aid and abetted in the election theft process.

Yes people – MILLIONS of you helped the Satanists, and gave them material aid and literally supported them in their attempted TAKEOVER of the Earth – AND thus supported their attempt to ENSLAVE all of mankind.


GOD the Prime Creator – does not know whether to “laugh” or to “cry”…


To say that – “WE WHO CAME HERE TO HELP YOU TO GET FREE” – are offended – and seriously disgusted – is an understatement!  “WE ARE LIVID” and we are going to give GOD an ear full when we stand in front of the THRONE once again.



Every single man and woman among you who aided and abetted in the ELECTION FRAUD of 2020 – committed GRAND TREASON and SEDITION against all Americans!  And that “includes” every single man and woman who supported – and gave material aid to – the FAKE PANDEMIC OF 2020!

Those of us who came here to help you are seriously disgusted with each and every single one of you – all of whom will now have to answer for what they did – and did not do – in front of the THRONE OF GOD.

This will happen – mark my words – and it will happen as “we volunteers” who were asked to come to Earth and help you – after being told by GOD HIMSELF that you all WANTED to be free – POINT FINGERS and name names.

The various “stupid people”, from the Governors of states all the way on down to the “order followers” (all of whom swore oaths to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights) are now huge criminals – and make no mistake about it –  if things happen as they should, they will ALL BE ARRESTED and most likely shot for their trouble!

  • Can you say – these people are as dumb as rocks? 
  • Can you say these people – many of whom you’ve seen on the news and have given much undeserved respect to – are totally unworthy to be called human, and resemble (more than anything) junk yard dogs.


  • These men and women SOLD you out!
  • They sold out their own country – they sold out the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for paper dollars!
  • For money!
  • For bribes!

Perhaps GOD knew this was coming, but certainly those of us who are here to help, could not have imagined that so many people would turn to SATAN and to LUCIFER at the last moment and give them help and aid in the Satanic takeover of the Earth.

And where was I – when all this treachery and illegality this was going down?  I was being held illegally in an Arizona jail – without any charges – after being shot by US Marshals – who are by the way currently refusing (as we speak) to even hand over a damn police report – even after having been served with a FOIA – Freedom of Information Request – to find out whose authority they were acting. 

That means that they – the US Marshals – who were most likely following the orders of Bill Barr – and who is now most likely being held at GITMO – tried to kill one of GODS own Ambassadors – and HEAVEN SAW IT ALL.

Oh – and by the way – where oh where are the damn Christians?  

Most of them are hiding under the bed – THAT is where they are! 


For example: I’ve done everything I can do to find an e-mail address for General Mike Flynn – just so that I can contact him about this matter, and give evidence – and most of the Christians who have it – won’t give it up!

Don’t think for a second that GOD does not see your collective cowardice, and your collective unwillingness to rise up and take down these wholly evil men and women.

Do you think that GOD does not see all of you obediently lining up for a jab that will likely kill you in few years – and if not kill you – will change your DNA for ever? 

Do you think that GOD – our loving CREATOR intended for all of you to hide under the bed while his EXTREMELY BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS VOLUNTEERS – those who came here to help you – did absolutely everything for you WITHOUT you even lifting a single finger to help? 

Are WE supposed to do ALL of the work – just so that the rest of you don’t even break a finger nail in the battle?

At what point do you all get on the phone and start making phone calls telling these bandits running the government that they had better listen to “we the people” OR you and your fellows citizens will take serious punitive actions against them?

  • Are you all too busy to save your own freedoms? 
  • Are you too busy to save your own lives?
  • Maybe your hair appointments and many other countless and needless things are more important that helping to save mankind from a Satanic takeover?

Every single article that I wrote over the last five years PREDICTED THIS.  In other words – I TOLD YOU ALL that this was coming – how they were going to do it – what tactics they were going to use – ALL OF IT.

It’s all right here – on this blog – every bit of it!  You were told – warned – informed – and given prior NOTICE.

I did not come here to get shot, beaten, jailed, tormented, and tortured just so the rest of you could enjoy one last Mocha Coffee and hair appointment before you all got your Micro-Chips and your mRNA – DNA altering Vaccinations.

Rather than listen to me however – you all hid!  Why?  Because your “family” or your “friends” might have made fun of you!  You did not want them to ridicule you – SO YOU SAID AND DID NOTHING.


Fine – let’s just see where you end up – and what your “status”will be there in HEAVEN.  You will get to see first hand what your COWARDICE purchased for you in the long run when you have to live in Eternity with a huge blotch all over your soul.

There is still time to ACT!

Get up off of the couch – get on the phone and on your computer – and start talking to everyone out there as if your LIVES AND FREEDOMS depended on it.   Get over your fear and cowardice and pay no attention to anything your stupid family members say to you – they will thank you in the end.


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