By: Bradley Loves


Over the past week, YouTube has begun “shortening” Fox News Videos down to 2 seconds in length!    This allows posted and linked videos to FOX NEWS to “appear” solid and still there…, but when people go to click on the videos…, there is no content!

I have encountered this about 100 times already in searching for FOX NEWS ANALYSIS on the internet and most especially when doing “searches” on YOU TUBE!

I did find one of CNN as well, probably for plausible deniability…, but the greatest portion 95 percent is FOX NEWS STUFF!

This video link on Breitbart is just one out of 100 examples that I have come across in the last week alone!

Trump Attorney Sekulow on Ukraine Saga: ‘We Went Through a War with Bob Mueller and We Won — This Is a Skirmish’

Also…, see this article on about what YOU TUBE is now doing to CENSOR almost everything they do not like!

Notice:  YOU TUBE is owned by GOOGLE.

Regina Dugan…, formally of DARPA – worked at Google and Facebook both after leaving DARPA.

  • What is it that DARPA…, does not want you to see??
  • What is DARPA trying to hide?
  • What crimes against all Americans is DARPA trying to cover up??

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