By: Bradley Loves


If you’re “dumb” enough to believe an 18 year old about one thing…, then why not believe him about EVERYTHING!


Or, so thinks the Democratic Left!!

The “left” has found it’s new spokeman on all things LIBERAL…, a mere “boy” who hasn’t even gotten rid of his pimples yet!

He’s studied NOTHING, and so in truth, he KNOWS NOTHING!

And yet…, he has embarked upon many divergent subjects over the past few weeks since the Parkland School shooting and is engaged in telling those:

“F*CKING ADULTS who don’t know how to use a Democracy…,  (his very words)

….exactly what they need to know!

See this link:

If the indulgent LEFT continues to give this kid air time to talk about all the things he “knows” or rather “does not know”…, soon he will be telling us all what we can say and can’t say, where we can live and can’t live, and ulitmately what “REAL LIFE” is all about!


Here are just two examples of other things that he thinks he knows!!



David Hogg’s Next Crusade: Opposing Voter Identification Laws


What the hell does an 18 year old boy know about the MONSANTO CORPORATION, or about HORMONES for crying out loud??


Having grown up on a family farm, I myself unforntuately spent a lot of years around Monsanto Chemicals…, and I can tell you from first hand experience that they are both toxic and deadly!

In those days, the “warnings on the cans” were extremely explicit and detailed about what these chemicals could do to you!

Now that I am almost 60 years old…, I know a thing or two MORE than an 18 year old kid who has done NOTHING but play video games for the greater part of his life!

In my opinion, young HOGG should keep to what he knows best, which is dating girls and dodging math class!

He should leave the larger issues to grown up men and women who have spent their entire lives studying these subjects and understand them better!

HOGG has been caught lying countless times on TV, and apprently thinks that telling the TRUTH is a meaningless exercise!

Let’s get REAL about young HOGG-WASH…, and give him the time of day he needs to express what happened to him at his school…, but then END IT THERE!

All my love…

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