By: Bradley Loves

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but over the last week or so, easily a dozen or so Youtube channels that I’ve gone to for news updates have been permanently BANNED!

Jordan Sather, Dustin Nemos, and Anti-School are just a few of the top ones!


These were honest and hard working men who were only trying to bring out the TRUTH…, and for that they have been BANNED FOR LIFE from You-tube!

This is what you see when you go to Jordan Sather’s “Destroying the Illusion” You tube Channel.

Suggestion:  Immediately start using Bitchute or Dtube and start creating and sharing content from there!

Let’s not skip a beat!


RICHIE ALLEN has also been deleted from YouTube.

Richie Allen had countless shows on Youtube and was much like a modern day Art Bell.  This was a HUGE youtube channel with over 70,000 subscribers and countless videos!

His channel is gone.

Time to get serious!

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I need your help!    This work can not be done by a few alone!   United we stand, and Where we go one, we go ALL!

Because I only run a blog (and am not on facebook or youtube) it is likely that I will last FAR LONGER than those who are being banned!

Help me by posting links to my blog!



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