By: Bradley Loves


On the face of it…, it appears that George Soros is pure evil.  He is a former NAZI calaborater and profiteer, who is on record saying how much he LOVED working with the NAZI’s.

But he is using much of his money (recently having donated 18 Billion) of it to try to force a Global Governance Initiative.

You’ve got to wonder who’s side he’s on!

It is clear, after reading Part’s One and Two…, that our world and our species has been hi-jacked by the Alien Grey Reptillians…, with a whole bunch of reptiles at their side (who are genetic cousins).

The Draco…, being the most promient.

It is just as clear however…, that as a race and species mankind may have been created to be nothing more than a slave.

If that is the case…, then the SIRIANS…, who did this are NO BETTER than the lizards.

(The only differance being that the lizards actually love to eat humans where as the Sirians probably did not.)

So in this internal struggle over the entire planet…, “WE” are faced with a choice as to who to support!!

Do we support that status quo?

For all of you who read PART TWO of the Terra Papers…, that means the Vatican, the Bank of London, and the US Military.., which is controlled by the Sheti Lizards!

Do we support their continued iron fist of control on Planet Earth…, a hijacking that took place thousands of years ago?

Or do we support the help of our liberation from the Sirans, Pleadians, Andromedans…, etc…,

Only to find ourselves back into the SAME situation of SEVING THEM AS LORDS AND MASTERS!

(I can just see the New Agers bowing, groveling, and kissing the feet of the Sirian Kings already!)

And back we would be into being RULED OVER by lesser gods…, (dogs) who created our entire species and nothing more than a SLAVE!


So my question is this??

Whose side is George Soros on??

It is clear that he wants a CHANGE OF MANAGEMENT…, but to which side??

See this support article where Austria bans him from that country.

You see…, the reason I like the Terra Papers in the first place is that it is the ONLY source (so far) of real information about our Earth’s past that INCLUDES super advanced technology!


Even the blasted Bible…, (you know…, that BOOK that everyone is supposed to just “believe”)…, says NOTHING about a super advanced and technological past…, that is becoming more and more patently OBVIOUS as time goes by.

We’ve got ancient ships on the moon sitting in craters which were downed by some Galactic war of the past!

We’ve got ancient buildings everywhere that were built using advanced methods and tools.

And…, get this…, the VATICAN…, (home of the Bible) says NOTHING…, NOTHING about all of this!


If you read the TERRA PAPERS…, you’ll know that it is being run by the SHETI LIZARDS.

Now, maybe this video makes more sense!!


It is my opinion that we have just begun to scratch the surface of what is happening and WHO the players really are…, but in my humble opinion…, the NEW AGE MASTERS are nothing more than the SIRIAN/PLEADIAN Slave creators who got kicked off of Earth by their own “worker bees” the Sheti Lizards.

Read the Terra Papers!

They want their PLANET BACK…, but…., and here is the EXACT…, PERFECT…, CORRECT…, and ON THE HEAD reason for all of the secrecy about the vicious space war happening over our heads.

Not one of them wants to FREE THE HUMAN HERD!

Regardless of WHO takes control of the Earth…, the victor wants the human herd left IN TACT…, and still ignorant!

This much is CLEAR…, due to ALL OF THE SECRECY.

Not one of them wants to give humanity (which was created as a slave race) the chance to really know what is going on out there in the Galaxy.

What the Sirian/Pleidian/Andromedans want is to once again PROFIT from the very human beings who were created to be workers for the Sirian Elites.

So perhaps Soro’s is working for the same Ari-an Queens that Hitler was working for??

And his NEW WORLD ORDER would simply be a change of Earth’s Management back to the Ari-an Queens…, (from the current management which is the Sheti Lizards) which is certainly MIND CONTROL enslavement.

But which PLAYER out there in the GALAXY actually wants to FREE HUMANITY??


Not even the likes of the MASTERS OF HEAVEN/HEAVENLY MASTERS which in my opinion are just a group of diplomats which work for either the Ari-an Queens (Ancient Reptiles) or the Sirian Kings.

All they want to do is to give us is a “change of management” back to Ancient Times when our Solar System endured CONSTANT WAR and CONSTANT BATTLES at the hands of an inbred Sirian “FAMILY” that only cared about “THE THRONE” and were willing to destroy entire planets to get it.

The PESH METEN…, the 9th Passageway…., a “STAR LANE” that is wholly about BUSINESS…, COMMERECE…, AND RICHES inside of this Galaxy…., appears to be the entire reason for our creation…, our enslavement…, and our horrid history!

And…, it’s NOT over yet!


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