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What IF“Time” were being LOOPED in exactly the way it has been described in the above article that we can now simply call – PART ONE?

What IF – certain men and women (rare cases) could actually be fully aware that “Time” was being LOOPED?

What IF – these rare men and women “remembered” many of the things that had taken place inside of each LOOP?

What IF – these rare men and women were keeping a “running tally” or “running memory” of what was being done in each progressive LOOP, and had all of the goods on those who were doing it?


What IF – they could see the patterns and progressions of “time” changing around them (in real time) from one loop to the next?

What IF – they knew for a FACT that none of us were living in the original TIME LINE – the time line that was the first and organic one that we all had shared?

What IF – they could see and experience each LOOP getting -PROGRESSIVE-LY more and more SATANIC & LUCIFERIAN each time they experienced the same span of years (say from 1970 to 2022)

What IF – they knew for certain that what we were living in was a highly “bastardized” version of the original time line, and at this point looked nothing like the original one that was there in the beginning?

What IF – no one (who could not remember what was done in the previous LOOP) even believed them as they explained to everyone that things were getting DARKER and DARKER with each progressive LOOP?


What IF – they more or less knew some of what was coming in each new LOOP – but were also seeing and experiencing newer and darker things inside of each new LOOP?

What IF – they called out to GOD – the Great Creator of all things in anguish – and begged HIM to intervene and to put a STOP to the madness.


What WOULD  some one like that try to do?  Would they try to LEARN some kind of special language that was not normal for them, so they could bring forward KNOWLEDGE from LOOP to LOOP hoping to help SOLVE the problem?  If only someone out there would listen?


What IF – because of what GOD (and some other brilliant beings did) “time” simply became a CHESS GAME – where all of the moves were now known – and every move made lead to the DARK’S DEFEAT?


Maybe, maybe not, but WHAT IF?

All my love…

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